Metallica’s Lars Ulrich shares update on James Hetfield’s rehab recovery

"He's in the process of healing himself"

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has shared an update on the recovery of his bandmate James Hetfield after the frontman recently entered rehab once more.

Last month, the band announced that a run of tour dates had been cancelled so that Hetfield could re-enter a recovery programme to deal with his “struggles with addiction”. Hetfield’s addiction and alcoholism issues were detailed in the 2004 documentary Some Kind of Monster. After the film’s release, the singer checked into a rehab facility.

Now, Ulrich has shared a promising update on Hetfield’s progress.


“He’s doing what he needs to; he’s in the process of healing himself. I feel bad for everybody down in Australia and New Zealand, but we’re excited to get back to full force and come back stronger and healthier than ever,” he told USA Today. “Along the way, there’s obviously an occasional bump in the road. But it’s been an incredible ride, and we’re looking forward to getting back down there, hopefully next year.”

Metallica’s James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich

Ulrich added: “I think the biggest surprise is just how positive the feedback has been from our fans and friends and peers alike.

“It’s very heartwarming, and it’s just blown our minds how much love and appreciation and support we’ve gotten in the last week since we had to postpone this. It’s an incredible thing. ”

As for the band’s future, Metallica have announced five major US festival dates for 2020, while guitarist Kirk Hammett has also revealed that he has “a lot of kick ass material” for their next album.