Metric slag off ‘business school’ bands at Glastonbury – video

Band embrace hippy spirit by saying musicians should play for love, not money

Metric have launched an attack on careerist bands, saying that they should quit if they are only into music to make money.

In an exclusive video interview with NME.COM, which you can watch by clicking below, the Canadians claimed that Glastonbury is one of the only current festivals that isn’t focused on money-making.

“The organisers, the history of the place… It’s about music in a time when it was made to have a beautiful and incredible life, and there’s a warmth to it,” singer Emily Haines said.

“It’s not [the] cold and exacting ‘business’ that rock’n’roll has become.”

Guitarist James Shaw added: “Professionalism is the death of rock’n’roll. Do your best if you play an instrument. Don’t be professional under any circumstances. Or else please quit and go to business school.”

Haines agreed with her bandmate, admitting that when it comes to her career choice, she’s a hippy at heart.

“I feel you on that,” she said. “It’s like, what is the point of music? What is it ultimately here to serve in life? It should be a soundtrack to an existence and something that brings people together. And if that makes me a hippy, I’m a hippy!”

Watch the full video interview below, then head to NME.COM Glastonbury 2009 index to relive this year’s festival now.