Metric share first new song in three years – hear ‘The Shade’ now

The Canadian band say sixth album is 'coming soon'

Canadian band Metric have released a new single, titled ‘The Shade’.

The Toronto band released their fifth album, the Polaris Prize-nominated ‘Synthetica’, in 2012. Having released an “unfinished” demo called ‘The Fatal Gift’ last December, this new effort ‘The Shade’ is airing now below.

Metric have hinted that their sixth record is forthcoming, writing in a caption on YouTube: “Stay tuned for our latest full length studio album coming soon!”


Speaking at the time of the release of ‘Synthetica’, the band described the LP to NME as “a big culmination of our 10 years as Metric”, continuing, “We accomplished a lot of milestones, like making it in our own studio. Recording at Electric Lady studios in New York too was a big dream realised. It was grueling, as it always is, but we’re really happy with the results.”

They added, “We’re trying to evolve, but it’ll have something for everyone who’s been into our other albums. It has the sweetness of our early records, there’s a little bit of ‘Live It Out’, which was our troublemaker rock record and ‘Fantasies’, which focused more on songwriting, there’s a lot of that in there.”

Late musician Lou Reed – who passed away in 2013 – appeared on ‘Synthetica’ track ‘The Wanderlust’, singing backing vocals.

Singer Emily Haines told NME that she first became friendly with The Velvet Underground man when he quoted lyrics from the Metric song ‘Gimme Sympathy’ at her. Haines said: “We had this bit in ‘The Wanderlust’ which needed a back-up and I thought he’d be perfect, so I called him up and he said yes right away. He’s one of the finest songwriters ever and to have him on our record is a huge honour.”

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