Metronomy to release Beck and Bryan Ferry-influenced fourth album in 2016

Band released their fourth LP 'Love Letters' in March 2014

Metronomy have discussed what to expect from their next album.

The band, led by frontman Joe Mount, released their fourth LP ‘Love Letters’ in March 2014. Speaking at London’s Hyde Park on Saturday (June 20), where the group supported Blur, Mount revealed that he’s started recording the new LP already.

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“It’s all about trying to keep the momentum going so it’s been busy but very enjoyable as well,” Mount told Digital Spy. “I think this one is going to be an antidote to the last one in a way. The last one was incredibly minimal in the way it was recorded and very rough around the edges. This new one will be very direct and big and poppy.”

Mount continued to express his intent to create a “confident dance record,” adding: “being groovy on this record is the name of the game”. He revealed that the album would be released sometime during 2016.

The singer also listed both Beck and Bryan Ferry as influences on the forthcoming record.

He said: “I guess there’s a period in artists’ careers… if you think of, like, Bryan Ferry, where he went and did [Roxy Music album] ‘Avalon’ and all this sophisticated pop music. I think that’s what I’m aiming for. A middle-aged man making sophisticated pop music. There’s the Beck album ‘Midnite Vultures’ – I want it to be like that but a bit different.”

Last year, Mount claimed to only have “two more albums” left in him. Speaking to The Guardian, the musician said: “I imagine that one day I will stop doing this and be a producer, I can see that. But with every record, I’m always surprised by the reality of the situation. With every record, I’m so surprised by how viable being a musician is, that I’m like, well, I can put off this idea that I have to become a producer.” He added: “I now think I’ve probably got two more albums left in me.”