Metronomy turned down offer from Josh Homme to produce their album

Joe Mount says ‘We’re both control freaks’ as he reveals he’s writing with Robyn

Metronomy have revealed they turned down an approach from Josh Homme to produce their album.

Queens Of The Stone Age singer Homme has produced albums for Arctic Monkeys and Iggy Pop’s recent ‘Post Pop Depression’.

But Metronomy mainman admitted he was too much of a “control freak” to want Homme to produce his collective.


Mount told Classic Pop: “It was a very tentative ‘Let’s make a record together!’ approach. The thing is, Josh and I are both control freaks, so I don’t think it would work. Josh is a really great musician, who’s made some fantastic music. But his music always sounds identifiably like him, and I fear it would dilute what I do too much.”

Metronomy recently released new album ‘Summer 08’, which features Robyn collaboration ‘Hang Me Out To Dry’. Mount revealed he’s also writing songs with Robyn for her new album.

Mount said: “The songs we’ve written for Robyn’s album are varied. Some are like classic ‘90s Robyn pop, but we’re also pushing my writing to sound a bit more modern, to match her up-to-date mind. Robyn is still figuring out what to do with her album, so my songs might not even be used. But it’s been so much fun working with Robyn that I wouldn’t mind.”