Watch Metronomy’s video for ‘The Bay’ exclusively on NME.COM

Band channel Will Smith for new video

Metronomy‘s new video for their single ‘The Bay’ is now available to watch exclusively on NME.COM. Click above to watch the video in full.

Speaking to NME about the video, singer Joe Mount said that the band wanted to do their own version of Will Smith‘s classic promo for ‘Miami’.

Mount said: “I basically wanted to re-do Will Smith‘s video for ‘Miami’, but in Torquay, and weirdly David (Wilson – director) sent us a treatment which was pretty much that exact idea. It was meeting of minds, a glorious meeting of minds.”

The video gives the band a chance to show off the local scenery of Torquay, which is Mount‘s hometown and the lyrical subject of much of the band’s new album ‘The English Riviera’. The frontman also revealed that the local area’s tourist board are enjoying the publicity the band are giving them.

He said: “Yeah, I’ve ended up talking about the area a lot with this album. I hope I’ve made it look a bit more swish. We could just go where we wanted for the video too, the tourist board just laid everything on. I guess they must need the publicity.”

Metronomy tour the UK in September.