Metronomy team up with Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts

Joe Mount and Roberts record a batch of new songs

Metronomy‘s Joe Mount has told NME that he has collaborated with Girls Aloud‘s Nicola Roberts on a batch of new songs.

Speaking in this week’s issue of the magazine, on UK newsstands now and available digitally worldwide, the musician confirmed the collaboration but did not say when the songs would see the light of day.

“She’s incredibly talented, she wrote a lot of melodies and lyrics and stuff,” he said. “I’ve done a lot of this kind of thing with different people and it’s been most enjoyable to work with her.”

Get this week’s issue of NME to read the full interview, in which Mount talks about collaborating with Kate Nash and working with ex-Metronomy member Gabriel Stebbing.

Metronomy are due to release their new album ‘The English Riviera’ in spring 2011.