Metronomy release live, one-take video for ‘Beat 16’

Joseph Mount is joined by drummer Anna Prior and a dancing duo

Metronomy have released a new video for ‘Beat 16’, which sees Joseph Mount performing live in the Charles de Gaulle airport in France.

Last month, Metronomy released a video for their track ‘Night Owl’. The song was taken from their July 1 album ‘Summer 08’. It followed previously revealed cuts ‘Back Together’, ‘Old Skool’ and ‘Hang Me Out To Dry’.

In this latest release, Mount is joined by Metronomy drummer Anna Prior, with choreography duo I COULD NEVER BE A DANCER (Carine Charaire and Olivier Casamayou) also appearing.


The live video was filmed in one take. Speaking to Noisey, Mount said: “I love one-take videos and I love aeroplanes… and airports.”

He continued, “I also love it when you start something with modest expectations and they are exceeded. I’ve always quite fancied doing a live music video and this was never really meant to be that, but it kind of is now.”

Frontman Joseph Mount previously explained that Metronony’s latest album is a sequel of sorts to the band’s 2008 effort ‘Nights Out’, which he once described as “a half-arsed concept album about going out and having a crap time”.

“I just wanted to make an uptempo record,” he told Q Magazine in April. “I wanted to try and do another record that captures that fading memory of being a bit younger and going to clubs, but with the confidence I didn’t have then.”

Speaking on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show in May, Mount said that the album is ”the most fun thing I’ve done in a long time”.