Metronomy: “The special thing about this band? We haven’t changed for 15 years!”

Metronomy release their brand new album, ‘Metronomy Forever’, later this week (September 13) and frontman Joe Mount has spoken to NME about the process, working with Robyn on her 2018 album ‘Honey’ and the 10th anniversary of breakthrough album ‘Nights Out’

“This album was always going to be a more important record [than ‘Summer 08’],” Mount tells NME. I was working with Robyn on her album [‘Honey’]  so that kind of took over my life, and once that was finished and I was able to concentrate on the Metronomy album, I had a version of the album which was much shorter and much colder… I had to work back into it quite a bit.”

He also said that this album has more of a “mixtape” feel of it, and that the lengthy tour for the last album heavily impacted ‘Metronomy Forever’.


“The last record, ‘Summer 08’, was supposed to be a full-stop in the sentence, the paragraph, that is Metronomy. Back then, I wanted to just go into the studio and record a record for fun. We weren’t gonna tour it, and there was going to be a follow-up record to that. But it took over in a way.”

Mount also spoke about working on Robyn’s ‘Honey’ as a producer.” I think working on someone else’s record has to become as important to you as working on your own record,” he says. “You have to let it take as long as it takes and enjoy the fact that it’s a process.”

Speaking of the 10th anniversary of ‘Nights Out’, he said the experience and reissue “was fun”. I’ve got this laptop that I closed symbolically when I finished ‘Nights Out’, and I opened it again for the re-issue to try and find some tracks,” he says, “ I went from an aspiring band-person, to making it happen and having kids… So going back is kind of weird.”

Watch the full interview with Metronomy above to discover more about their new album.