MF DOOM augmented reality NFT masks auctioned off to honour late rapper

The masks are being sold on digital marketplace Illust Space

Exclusive MF DOOM augmented reality NFT masks are being auctioned off in honour of the late rapper.

In a joint venture between DOOM’s widow Jasmine Dumile, hip-hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment and digital marketplace Illust Space, the virtual, signed masks are being made available to purchase in the form of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs.

NFTs are essentially a form of cryptocurrency, symbolising a registration of ownership for a digital object – in this case, the digital masks. Purchasers will be able to buy, sell and trade the collectable item, as well as use certain applications to project them in a real-world setting, similar to Snapchat and Instagram filters.


The pieces are expected to fetch prices from £10729 GBP ($15,000 USD) to £53647 ($75,000), with 10 per cent of the proceeds going back to DOOM’s estate in the form of royalties to fund further projects. Mask holders will also contribute their own individual donations.

It’s not the first time MF DOOM masks have been auctioned off by Illust Space, with the rapper teaming up with the marketplace operators prior to his passing last year. A total of 11 exclusive digital masks were sold as NFTs at the time, including green metal, black sludge and mummy editions.

DOOM passed away in October last year at the age of 49, but his family didn’t announce his death officially until late December.

Tributes from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Busta Rhymes, Lupe Fiasco and more poured out following the news, while streams of the rapper’s music went up 870 per cent in the US.

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