MGMT dad declares ‘Congratulations’ a ‘grower’

Andrew VanWyngarden's pop urges fans to stick with new record

MGMT‘s recent album ‘Congratulations’ is a “grower”, according to one of the duo’s dad.

The pair’s second album has had mixed reviews, but Bruce VanWyngarden, father of frontman Andrew, has urged fans to stick with it.

VanWyngarden senior is the editor of newspaper Memphis Flyer, and has given readers his verdict on the album.


‘Congratulations’, MGMTs second album, is dense, lush, textured, difficult in places, absolutely euphoria-inducing in others. It is, as they say in the music business, a ‘grower’ — that is, repeated listens reveal more depth and complexity,” he wrote on his Memphis Flyer blog. “The lyrics blossom and begin to live in your head. The songs become earworms. It was the second-best selling album in the US last week. So yeah, I’m proud of my son.”

He added: “This has been a completely biased report on a Memphis kid who’s doing pretty well in the music business.”

Bruce VanWyngarden also admitted that his relationship to the band had made it difficult for his paper’s journalists to cover MGMT.

“The growing notoriety of my son Andrew‘s band, MGMT, has long been something of a dicey issue for the Flyer‘s music writers,” he wrote.

“I feel their pain. It’s a lose-lose proposition for them. If they are critical, they risk pissing off or at least irritating their boss. If they praise the band, it looks like they’re sucking up. No matter that MGMT has been praised and dissed and profiled by every major music publication and music blog around the globe, it’s still a ticklish deal for our guys.”