MGMT reveal cover art for new album ‘Congratulations’

Cosmic duo get surfy for their new album art

MGMT have revealed the cover art for their forthcoming new album ‘Congratulations’ (pictured).

The Brooklyn duo have teamed up with cartoonist Anthony Ausgang for the surreal cover, which depicts a surfing cat set to be swallowed up by a giant cat-shaped wave.

The band joined forces with Ausgang after they met through experimental musician Pete ‘Sonic Boom’ Kember of Spacemen 3 and Spectrum, who helped produce ‘Congratulations’.

Ausgang said to “MGMT were recording ‘Congratulations’ at a mansion in Malibu so I went there a couple of times to hang out and watch the process unfold.

“Not being a musician I was occasionally left to my own devices so I would sit around and draw on pieces of paper then leave them there when I went home. I got along well with the band and gave them copies of my book, ‘Vacation From Reality’. Later, Josh Cheuse, the art director from Sony, contacted me once the recording was finished.”

Ausgang also praised the pair for being direct about the cover art. “The most important thing was that MGMT wanted the ‘look’ of my style of painting and gave me only a few points that I had to hit,” he said. “Naturally, the process took some time but they were always cool with the criticisms. A lot of people who commission a painting only know what they don’t want; fortunately MGMT knew what they wanted and let me do it my way.”

‘Congratulations’ is due for release on April 12.