MGMT take up surfing while recording second album

Andrew VanWyngarden also speaks about 'dark' new album 'Congratulations'

MGMT‘s Andrew VanWyngarden has revealed he has taken up surfing in his spare time as the band record their new album ‘Congratulations’.

The singer admitted that he’s become so enamoured with the sport that he’s now surfed some of the world’s most notorious waves, including Waikiki in Hawaii and Australia’s Maroubra Beach – as well as the band’s current recording location of Malibu.

“I’m from New York, where you can go surfing but it’s more of an excursion and you have to go all the way out to Rockaway or Jones Beach. But I finally did it, I’m happy I did, and Malibu‘s where I figured it all out,” VanWyngarden told the San Francisco Examiner.


The star added that he initially wanted to start surfing around the time MGMT‘s 2008 album ‘Oracular Spectacular’ came out. The sleeve for the album’s lead single, ‘Time To Pretend’, featured shots of the band messing around on surfboards and at beaches.

“I’d never surfed, but for that album, I was dreaming about surfing a lot,” VanWyngarden said of the period.

MGMT are currently recording ‘Congratulations’, and VanWyngarden says the album has been influenced by the band’s massive rise in popularity since ‘Oracular Spectacular’‘s release.

He revealed: “It’s us trying to deal with all the craziness that’s been going on since our last album took off. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel natural.”

VanWyngarden added that the title track “is pretty dark”, before adding that Royal Trux‘ singer Jennifer Herrema sings on the album.

As previously reported, MGMT have announced a last-minute gig to take place in San Francisco today (October 16).


‘Congratulations’ is due out sometime in 2010.