MGMT’s Andrew VanWynGarden appears to have recorded a Coronavirus anthem

The upbeat rave record sounds like something Technohead might have put out in the mid-90s

It appears MGMT’s Andrew VanWynGarden might have recorded the very first song about the recent Coronavirus outbreak – listen to a snippet below.

The track comes after a fun back-and-forth between Charli XCX and The 1975‘s Matty Healy took place on Twitter yesterday (March 4).

“which artist do we think will name check coronavirus in their lyrics first?” Charli asked, before Healy then joked: “Honestly why this new album is delayed,” referring to the recent news that the release of The 1975’s new album, ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’, has been delayed.


As others began to join the conversation, including novelty-song virtuoso “Weird Al” Yankovic,  who tweeted: “Yeah, no, sorry. Not gonna do ‘My Corona’,” MGMT frontman Andrew VanWyngarden claimed that he is in the process of recording a track called ‘Oh No Corona’.

A new Twitter account in VanWyngarden’s name tweeted a 52-second teaser of what sounds like a mid-90s rave record, which was then retweeted by MGMT’s official account.

“I didn’t finish it today but this is a teaser,” the tweet read.


Listen to the snippet below:

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused a large number of gig and festival cancellations, as well as big budget movie releases to be delayed.

Green Day were due to take their ‘Hella Mega’ tour to Asia this month to play shows in Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, Taipei, Hong Kong, Seoul, Osaka and Chiba, before it was cancelled. Slipknot have also postponed their forthcoming Asia tour.

Last month,Mabel cancelled a show in Italy, Sam Fender was forced to cancel a show in Switzerland, and BTS cancelled the first four shows of their world tour in South Korea.

The release date for James Bond movie No Time To Die has been pushed back to November 2020 amid fears the Coronavirus outbreak will impact its promotion and box office takings.

China has closed nearly 70,000 cinemas, with plans to keep them closed until at least April, forcing the March 27 release date of Disney’s Mulan to be postponed until further notice because of the outbreak.