Listen to MGMT’s atmospheric new remix of Metronomy’s ‘The Look’

Released to celebrate 10 years of 'The English Riviera'

Metronomy have shared a new MGMT remix of their 2011 single – hear the atmospheric reworking below.

The news comes after the band revealed this month that they will be reissuing their third album ‘The English Riviera’ in April to mark the milestone, before taking it on a 10th anniversary UK tour in 2022.

Discussing writing ‘The Look’, the band’s most popular single to date, in a press release, Metronomy’s Joe Mount said he “came up with the bit that gets stuck in your head; the der-de-der-der bit. I played around with it a little, hit a wall and thought ‘it’s not really Metronomy, is it’.


“Four months later, we finished recording ‘The Look’ at the Smokehouse in London. We quite liked it, but that was about it. Then I distinctly remember the journalist Dave Simpson asking me about the song after we performed it for the first time at the Leeds Cockpit in January 2011. That was probably the moment I realised it had something about it.”

He added: “I still don’t know precisely what that something is, but when we perform The Look live and I hear thousands of people chanting the bit that gets stuck in your head back at me, der-de-der-der, it often brings a tear to my eye. It really is amazing what that seaside song and this whole album has done for Metronomy.”

Metronomy’s 10th anniversary edition of ‘The English Riviera’ will be released on April 30 via Because Music, and feature six previously unreleased songs: ‘Aquarius’, ‘Picking Up For You’, ‘French Organ’, ‘Friends’, ‘The Ballad Of The 17 Year Old’, and ‘Jazz Odyssey’.

The ‘Metronomy Forever’ 2022 UK tour will celebrate a decade of the album and finish up with a huge London show at Alexandra Palace.

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