MGMT want to release new music “ASAP”

Band might be releasing music soon

MGMT want to release new music “ASAP” after taking to Twitter to voice their plans for future releases.

The band, led by duo Andrew VanWyngarden and Benjamin Goldwasser, haven’t released an album since 2013’s ‘MGMT’, which followed their first two records ‘Oracular Spectacular’ (2007) and ‘Congratulations’ (2010).

Posting on Twitter yesterday (Nov 14) the band wrote; “Wanting badly to get you guys new MGMT music asap,” before adding; Ben and I are old school because we always think about “albums” , LPs, but I mean the times have a-changed”.


It had been thought that MGMT would release new music this year after their official Twitter account declared on Christmas Day 2015 that “2016 is the year MGMT re-dominates your mind hole.”

However, in a tweet posted earlier this year (September 26), it would appear that the band had to reschedule their plans for dominance. The tweet read; “Meant to say MGMT re-dominates your mind hole in *2017”.

Back in May, Mac DeMarco responded to rumours that he would be collaborating with MGMT in the near future.

“[VanWyngarden] lives in the same neighbourhood as me, so we’re homies,” he told Spin. “I don’t know, maybe I should leave it as a mystery. I’m not recording on any MGMT albums, just my own record, but who knows?”