Watch MGMT’s surreal video for new single ‘When You Die’

Band release fourth album in February

MGMT have unveiled their new single called ‘When You Die’ and shared a video for the track. Scroll below to listen/watch.

The band returned in October with comeback single ‘Little Dark Age’ from their new album of the same name. They last released a record in 2013 in the form of their self-titled third album.

The New Yorker has premiered the hypnotic and surreal clip for ‘When You Die’, starring Alex Karpovsky – Ray from Girls – as a magician, and report that MGMT’s new album will be released in February.


MGMT had been expected to return in 2016, after declaring on Christmas Day 2015 that they would “re-dominate your mind hole” the following year. However, no new material surfaced that year and the band later clarified: “Meant to say MGMT re-dominates your mind hole in 2017”.

Back in May 2016, Mac DeMarco responded to rumours that he would be collaborating with MGMT in the near future.

 DeMarco said: “[VanWyngarden] lives in the same neighbourhood as me, so we’re homies. I don’t know, maybe I should leave it as a mystery. I’m not recording on any MGMT albums, just my own record, but who knows?”