MIA in online spat with CNN presenter Anderson Cooper

Rapper hits out after Channel 4 documentary reveals atrocities in Sri Lanka

MIA has got into an online spat with CNN presenter Anderson Cooper.

The rapper hit out after a Channel 4 documentary entitled Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: ‘War Crimes Unpunished’ was aired last night (March 14) chronicling Sri Lanka’s secret war with the Tamil Tigers.

MIA, whose father Arul Pragasam is a leading Tamil activist, has always been vocal about the plight of her people in Sri Lanka, accusing the nation’s government officials of engaging in systematic genocide.

After the programme was aired, she took to her Twitter account to call for action and hit out at journalists who previously criticised her stance on Sri Lanka. The rapper wrote:

I got accused of ‘supporting terrorism’, ‘mis-representing Tamils’, glamourising a war, using it for my own gain, having bad grammar. This C4 #killingfields doc makes the points I couldn’t make.

MIA also singled out Cooper, accusing him of calling her a terrorist. She added: “Anderson Cooper called me a terrorist for speaking out, and expressed support for the SLgov (Sri Lankan government) when this (killing) was happening. I thought AC (Anderson Cooper) was a fair news reporter until the SL killings took place and he kept his silence! Disappointed!”

Anderson hit back on his Twitter account stating: “You are mistaken. I never called you a terrorist. I don’t even know who you are other than the lady who sang at the Superbowl.”

The spat continued before the pair eventually seemed to settle their war of words with MIA finally urging Cooper to watch the C4 documentary.

MIA previously got into a war of words with New York Times journalist Lynn Hirschberg in 2010 over an article about her links to Sri Lanka, her visa problems in the US and her family.

Last month she found herself in hot water after she flipped her middle finger during Madonna’s performance at the Super Bowl.