M.I.A. collaborating with Diplo on new single ‘Birds’

The track will be the pair’s first collaboration since 2010

MIA’s new single ‘Birds’ will feature production from Diplo.

The pair have not worked together since 2010 after publicly falling out with one another. Last year, M.I.A. accused the producer of being jealous of her success in an interview in Rolling Stone.

Diplo is credited with co-producing M.I.A.’s biggest chart hit, ‘Paper Planes’. The two, who met in 2003, also had a five-year-long relationship.



‘Birds’ will be the second single from M.I.A.’s fifth studio album ‘A.I.M.’. ‘Go Off’, the album’s lead single, was released last month. The star has previously said that the record will be her last.

‘A.I.M’ is due out on September 9.

M.I.A. recently criticised MTV for not nominating her music video for ‘Borders’ for a VMA. “This is a perfect example of ‘allowed’ voice vs excluded voices,” she wrote on Twitter.

Last month, the British artist was dropped from the line-up of London’s Afropunk festival following her controversial comments about the Black Lives Matter movement.