MIA speaks about David Cameron’s Conservative election campaign – video

Watch singer chatting in new NME.COM video

MIA has discussed the UK’s new Prime Minister David Cameron‘s general election campaign in a new NME.COM video.

In the video, which you can watch on the right, the singer says she thinks the Conservative Party campaign was inspired by Barack Obama‘s Democrat election campaign in the USA in 2008.

“The Tory campaign seems to be following the Democratic campaign in America,” she said. “People saying words and stuff, like, ‘If you vote for me you will get change’. And maybe with some change we might give you some hope. It’s really funny to see the same slogans being used but in a more long-winded way. At the same time, I don’t know, I think it’s so in your face, the billboards and stuff.”


She added: “That campaign’s pretty crazy. That people are slanderous to each other. Politics isn’t politics any more. Policies and all that shit… it’s never been explained to people properly and I think it’s an interesting time.

“It’s interesting because you can have a one-to-one connection and comment and blog about it and ask people questions… but at the same time England’s always been following America to an extent. We’re just a little bit behind.”

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