MIA blasts New York festival organisers for cutting gig short

Singer/rapper says 'fuck that shit' as sound is pulled at Hard NYC Party

MIA has blasted organisers of the Hard NYC Party festival in New York after her set there was cut short amid fears the rapper would be electrocuted during a thunder storm.

The singer’s headline slot at the event on Governors Island saw organisers pull the sound, forcing her to rap without any backing tracks for several minutes on Saturday night (July 24).

MIA later told fans through her Twitter page, Twitter.com/_m_i_a_, that lightning was considered a danger to the metal-framed stage, but she refused to go offstage adding: “Fuck that shit.”

She also wrote: “Money doesn’t buy u s**t! I thought more money means better sound guys in America… I was wrong, the higher u go, they turn u lower !… That still didn’t stop us! It’s bigger then that!… f**k technology! Even the stage broke + parts of it fell off in the storm.”

Sleigh Bells, Magnetic Man members Skream and Benga and Theophilus London also performed at the one-day event.