MIA covers Tom Waits’ ‘The Wire’ theme

Singer speaks about recording plans and pregnancy

MIA has revealed that she has recorded a cover of Tom Waits‘Way Down In The Hole’, which is US TV show ‘The Wire’‘s main theme.

She did not reveal release dates for the new material or the Waits cover, which is taken from his 1987 album ‘Frank’s Wild Years’ .

MIA, who is pregnant, went on to tell Pitchfork about what it was like carrying a child – or possibly twins.

“I’ve got two kids, that’s what it feels like. When I found out I was pregnant and [recent single] ‘Paper Planes’ was in the iTunes Top 10 it seemed like the whole world was reshuffled in one week, and all my plans went out the window. And that’s the lesson: you can’t make plans, and you can’t say shit.”

MIA performed live at the Diesel xXx gig in New York on Saturday night (October 11) along with the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Hot Chip and Chaka Khan.

As previously reported, the singer has been working on Baltimore-based rapper Rye Rye‘s debut album, which will be released on MIA‘s own label. She also working on material for her next solo album.