‘Slumdog Millionaire’ composer: ‘M.I.A. wants to play Oscars’

AR Rahman speaks about possible post-baby performance

AR Rahman, who composed the soundtrack to ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, has said that MIA has been thinking up innovative ways to be able to perform at the Oscars ceremony in Hollywood on February 22 – despite having recently given birth.

The composer of the hit film, which features MIA‘s song ‘Paper Planes’, told BBC News that she wanted to play at the ceremony – just weeks after she performed live heavily pregnant at the Grammy awards, on February 8 on Los Angeles.

“That’s the million dollar question,” he said. “She wants to. In fact, she said she’ll do it with a hologram. She has all these ideas. “I don’t know how it’s going to be possible, though. Having a baby is such an important thing in your life – more important than winning an Oscar.

Rachman went on to reveal that he was set to collaborate with Kylie Minogue on a new film project. “We’re doing a song together which she’ll perform in the movie,” he said. “The film is called ‘Blue’ and is being shot in Hawaii and a lot of other places.”