MIA says ‘big American artists’ are taking her ‘refugee sentiments’

Rapper also says she's on the verge of leaking her forthcoming fifth album

MIA has appeared to accuse “big American artists” of taking the “refugee sentiments” from her upcoming album.

The rapper said on Twitter earlier today (July 11) that she is now “so on the verge of leaking this album,” which is the follow-up to her 2013 effort ‘Matangi’. She also suggested she has been discouraged from sharing her political views in her new music. Check out her tweets below.


On Twitter today, M.I.A. has also spoken out in support of beleaguered Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

M.I.A.’s currently untitled new album is expected later this year, though a release date has yet to be announced. In April the rapper posted lyrics for a new song on her Instagram, but did not reveal any details about the track’s title or release date.

In March, she released a new song called ‘MIA OLA – Foreign Friend,’ which is expected to feature on the album alongside the songs ‘Warriors’ and ‘Swords’, which she dropped in 2015.

Earlier this year, she teamed up with H&M, penning a new song called ‘Rewear It’ for World Recycle Week. The song formed part of an initiative by the clothing chain to encourage customers to recycle unwanted clothes at its stores.