MIA discusses third album plans

Singer 'not ready' for next release

MIA has admitted that she might not release a third album.

The rapper and singer, who is currently on tour in Japan, admitted she would like to have a break for making music.

She told NME.COM: “I have no idea about the third one. I’m not even sure if I’m making a third one at this moment. I’m not really sure if I’m ready. I got into making music on an important note and I feel like I have to reproduce it.”

She added that she fancied the idea of being based in place for a while.

“At the moment I just have to figure out if I can achieve being somewhere for six months straight,” she explained. “I dream of that. I have not stopped since 2004, 2005. I gave up my apartment and started travelling, and I haven’t been in one location on the planet for more than two weeks maximum.

“Well, when I went to India. I was there for, like, four weeks. That’s the longest time I ever spent in one location. So I just wanna go and see if I can still be human again, you know? Wash dishes and stuff.”