MIA explains her “break-up” with the music industry

Singer says her latest album 'AIM' will be her last

MIA has explained why she considers her latest record ‘AIM’, which dropped earlier this month (September), “a breakup album – with music”.

The rapper and activist has said repeatedly in the build-up to its release that ‘AIM’ will be her final album. During her interview in the new issue of NME, she explains why she feels the needs to take a step back.

“I’ve been saying this from the first album really,” MIA says. “‘Oh my God, ‘Arular’, I quit!’ It’s just, as we go on and on in time, I feel like I’m in this really weird situation because I straddle three generations of music.”


She explains: “I came through the britpop era. Then there was this turn-of-the-millennium era which I was part of, and then you’ve got this weird era where everything’s been corporatised to the max and you’re only allowed five, 10 pop star brands, who are as corporate as Sky TV… It just needs a little bit of rewriting.”

Discussing why the music industry tries her patience, MIA adds: “I just need time away from it. I don’t want to change how I think creatively, to brand myself into an acceptable brand.”

During MIA’s interview with NME, she also opens up about “the issue” of being a refugee in the UK.

Read MIA’s full interview in NME from tomorrow (Thursday, September 29).

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