M.I.A. has US visa approved

The 'AIM' artist had suggested that her label couldn't promote her new album as she wasn't allowed in the US

M.I.A. has been approved for a US visa.

The London-born artist has endured long-term difficulties with gaining entry into the US. After a range of problems, she was eventually granted a visa to enter the country in 2007 to promote her second album ‘Kala’, but has since found opportunities to enter the US limited. She tweeted back in May that she still didn’t have a visa, preventing her from either living or working in the US.

However, as Pitchfork reports, M.I.A. has now been granted a visa by the US authorities. Sharing a screenshot of a text she’d received from her management, the artist took to Instagram to share the news.

See the post below.

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This has now fuelled rumours that M.I.A. may now be able to tour the US in support of her fifth studio album, ‘AIM’.

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