MIA thought the CIA could be threatening to assassinate her

"Everyone has to have an element of paranoia"

MIA recently spoke out about how her father’s own paranoia and activism led her to believe the CIA were trying to assassinate her.

Speaking to the Guardian, MIA discussed an incident from July of this year, when one of the US Embassy’s Twitter accounts retweeted the fact that MIA had been dropped from the line-up of London’s Afropunk Festival.

“If they care about you getting dropped off a festival,” she said in response, “that’s not paranoia, that’s there.” According to the reporter MIA then proceeded to tell a story about one summer when she believed the CIA wanted to assassinate her, a paranoia that stems, she said, from a time in her childhood when her father would tell her to write letters as if someone was watching over her shoulder. “From day one he was like that,” she confirmed.


MIA also commented on her connection with WikiLeaks and, referencing the story of former CIA employee and whistleblower Edward Snowden, said that her fears aren’t unfounded. “It’s common as a fucking cold now. Everyone has to have an element of paranoia.”


Earlier this week, in an interview with Consequence of Sound, MIA has revealed that there’s more to her than politics, after opening up about her new album ‘AIM’.

She stated that her “message is not just the subjects” but about the life that she has had in the music industry. “You could see the battles I had on the internet in the music industry. Fame and success wasn’t so smooth for me,” she said.

MIA’s fifth album ‘AIM’ was released on Friday (September 9). The record features a collaboration with Zayn Malik, which MIA recently admitted she had second thoughts about in an interview with Annie Mac.

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