MIA travels with refugees in politically charged ‘Borders’ video – watch

Song will feature on upcoming album 'Matahdatah'

MIA has released a politically charged video for her new single ‘Borders’.

The clip sees MIA join a group of refugees as they travel across the sea in boats and climb fences, while she reels off the lines: “Politics / What’s up with that? / Police shots / What’s up with that? / Identities / What’s up with that? / Your privilege / What’s up with that? / Broke people / What’s up with that? / Boat people / What’s up with that?”

A press release confirms that the song will feature on MIA’s upcoming album ‘Matahdatah’.


Watch the video via Apple Music below.

MIA recently hinted that her new album might include a Skrillex collaboration, via a post on her Instagram account.

Earlier in 2015, MIA, revealed that she had been prevented from posting a video due to accusations of ‘cultural appropriation’.

The artist, who was born in London of Sri Lankan Tamil heritage, detailed the situation on Twitter on May 18, “I’ve been told I can’t put out a video because it’s shot in Africa,” she wrote. “What happens when I shoot videos in America or Germany it makes no sense to the 00.01% of artists like me.”

MIA explained that the video was filmed in Ivory Coast, featuring a dancer that she describes as “the best in the wide world”. She added, “If the music industry allows an African artist to come through this year on intnl level, I would gladly give him this video for free.”

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