MIA thought Zayn collaboration was ‘too mainstream’

Singer has mixed feelings over ‘Freedun’ collaboration

MIA has admitted she initially didn’t want Zayn to feature on her new song ‘Freedun’.

The singer told Radio 1 that she thought having former One Direction singer Zayn feature on her new album ‘AIM’ would be too mainstream.

MIA told Annie Mac: “I handed the album in and I left to go to India. And Zayn called up and got on the song as I was on the way to the airport. I made the song a long time ago, and it was sort-of always too mainstream sounding for me.”


But, after having second thoughts about leaving the song off ‘AIM’, MIA said that ‘Freedun’ would be the perfect song for a pop singer like Zayn to feature on. She said: “It just seems perfect to have. If I was going to have a collaboration, and have someone like Zayn, then this is the perfect song.”

Because MIA was in India, she confirmed that the song was recorded as “a virtual situation” rather than meet Zayn to record together. She said: “The song just kind of happened. He’s from Bradford and I always thought that was pretty cool.”

‘AIM’ is out next week (September 9) and is MIA’s fifth album, following ‘Matangi’ in 2013.