MIA says her last album was ‘buried’ because of her NFL controversy and music industry sexism

Singer recently hit out at her label for not releasing Diplo collaboration

MIA has accused her record label Interscope of “burying” her last album because of music industry sexism and the controversy surrounding her appearance with Madonna at the 2012 Super Bowl.

Having released her three previous albums on XL, MIA released her 2013 album ‘Matangi’ on her own record label NEET via a deal with Interscope. Whereas her previous two albums ‘Kala’ and ‘Maya’ reached the Top 40 in the UK, ‘Matangi’ only reached No 64.

In a pair of tweets, MIA said “various reasons” were to blame for the failure of ‘Matangi’. She listed “NFL, the music industry babydaddy battle and my ex-manager becoming my label head and politics” as the causes of the album’s failure, before adding: “There were lots of elephants in the room. Everyone puts it down to ‘Yeah well, you should have played the game.’ But the whole meaning of ‘Matangi’ was not that.”

In 2012, MIA caused controversy after giving TV cameras the middle-finger when she guested with Madonna during her performance at the Super Bowl Halftime show.

MIA’s new album ‘AIM’ is also being released via Interscope, on September 9. Over the weekend, MIA accused Interscope of “stalling” on the release of a Diplo remix of ‘Bird Song’, which is the third song previewed from ‘AIM’ following ‘Borders’ and ‘Go Off’.

‘Bird Song’ is the first time MIA has worked with Diplo since ‘Maya’ in 2010, after he produced her hit ‘Paper Planes’. But she sent a tweet to Interscope saying: “Can you please clear Diplo’s version of ‘Bird Song’ so it can be released this Friday? Please sort it out,” before adding: “Interscope won’t clear the Diplo ‘Bird Song’, so it can’t be released.”