MIA streams new album ‘Matangi’ in full – listen

Singer's latest LP uploaded to YouTube

MIA is streaming her new album ‘Matangi’ in full – scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to listen.

The long-awaited LP will be officially released next week (November 4), but the singer has uploaded it to YouTube. The record includes the singles ‘Bad Girls’, ‘Come Walk With Me’ and ‘Bring The Noize’ and is the follow-up to her 2010 effort ‘Maya’.

In a recent NME interview, MIA said she had been determined that the album wouldn’t jump on the dubstep bandwagon. “In the last two years it’s been cool to do dark shit,” she said. “Everyone’s been slowing your shit down and making you slur. That’s not ‘Matangi’.”

She also revealed that producer Dave ‘Switch’ Taylor nearly died while working on the record after he attempted a daredevil stunt which went badly wrong. “He fell off a cliff and nearly died when he came into the studio,” MIA said. “There was a 100ft cliff and [Switch] tried to do a dive into the sea but he slipped before he jumped and he fell. He was unconscious and all his ribs were broken and he had to go to hospital. Then when he came out we made ‘Come Walk With Me’.”

The ‘Matangi’ tracklisting in full is as follows:

‘Only 1 U’
‘Come Walk With Me’
‘Sexodus’ (feat. The Weeknd)
‘Bad Girls’
‘Boom Skit’
‘Double Bubble Trouble’
‘Bring The Noize’
‘Know It Ain’t Right’