MIA threatens to leak her new album after dispute with US record label

Singer vents her frustration at Interscope on Twitter

MIA has threatened to leak her new album after her US record company delayed the LP’s release.

The singer’s fourth album, ‘Matangi’, is set to be released in the autumn, but no official date has been set yet forcing the singer to vent her frustration on Twitter. She wrote:

MIA previously revealed two tracks earlier in the summer – ‘Bring The Noize’ and ‘Only 1 U’. Earlier this year, she also expressed her frustration again with her record company when she said: “It’s not easy, it’s not easy. I keep finishing it and handing it in, finishing it and handing it in.”

‘MIA was due to release ‘Matangi’ in late 2012. However, she revealed that her label were not quite convinced by her work because it was too positive. “If I didn’t get it out now, I would have definitely exploded,” she added at the time.

She is also set to release a new documentary, but that has also been hit by problems. The film, which features appearances from Kayne West, Spike Jonze, XL’s Richard Russell, Switch and Interscope’s Jimmy Iovine, saw director Ben Loveridge pull out of the project after a clip was revealed online. He said that he “really couldn’t give a flying fuck” and that he “would rather die than work on this” seemingly resigning from the documentary.