MIA unveils new single ‘Bring The Noize’ – listen

She explains that finishing her new album 'Matangi' has not been easy

MIA has premiered her brand new single ‘Bring The Noize’.

Scroll down to listen to the track. Speaking about the release of her new material and long-awaited album ‘Matangi’, MIA has said: “It’s not easy, it’s not easy. I keep finishing it and handing it in, finishing it and handing it in.”

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She added that she had been finding the whole process so frustrating that she was going to stop releasing music with major labels and start putting out her records from her bedroom. “This is my last stab at it,” she told DJ Zane Lowe, who unveiled the track on his BBC Radio 1 show earlier this evening (June 17).

MIA was due to release her fourth album ‘Matangi’ in late 2012. However, she revealed that record label Interscope were not quite convinced by her work because it was too positive. “If I didn’t get it out now, I would have definitely exploded,” she added of ‘Bring The Noize’. She explained that the track was particularly pertinent considering the current political climate and “having to deal with the concert of freedom in more ways that one”, even though the song was written a year ago.

The track features the line “truth is a like a rotten tooth, you got to spit it out”, which she tweeted last year, saying it was one of her favourite lyrics from the new LP. At the time, she also said ‘Matangi’ would sound like Paul Simon ‘on acid’.

MIA recently offered fans a preview of her new album with the release of an eight-minute long mix created for fashion house Kenzo. The mix was designed to be used by Kenzo during their Fall/Winter 2013 collection show at Paris Fashion Week. MIA’s forthcoming album is titled ‘Matangi’ and will be her fourth studio album, following the release of ‘Maya’ in 2010. A one-off single ‘Bad Girls’ was released in 2012.