MIA gives her verdict on London nightlife

MIA gives her verdict on the state of London nightlife in 2017

The rapper is curating this year's Meltdown Festival at London's Southbank Centre.

MIA has given her verdict on the state of London nightlife in 2017.

The rapper, who won the Best British Female Artist prize at last night’s V05 NME Awards 2017, is curating this year’s Meltdown Festival at London’s Southbank Centre.

Calling it an “honour” to curate the annual event, which has previously been overseen by the likes of Patti Smith, Anohni and David Byrne, MIA said: “I’ve never done anything for this town, never really contributed to London, so I think this is a really good way to do that.”

Last year London Mayor Sadiq Khan hired a Night Czar in a bid to boost the city’s nighttime economy. Asked for her thoughts on the current London scene, MIA said: “What we were really good at [in the past] is having counter-culture and alternative culture and sort of letting it brew. It’s always been buzzy and vibrant. But now, because the counter-culture gets sucked up by the mainstream so quick, we don’t have that.”

She added: “And social media obviously plays a part in that sort of thing, so it’s just a sign of the times. But I don’t think it’s particular to London, it’s everywhere.”

MIA also called out the UK arms industry during her appearance at the V05 NME Awards 2017. Watch the full video interview with her above.