MIA speaks out against Facebook and claims Instagram has capped her follower count

Instagram is "like FAKEBOOK", MIA says

MIA has reacted to Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, while also accusing Instagram of preventing her from gaining more followers.

Facebook has come under fire in recent days after political data firm Cambridge Analytica was accused of harvesting millions of its users’ profiles to help target and influence groups of the electorate on social media, particularly during Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign.

The social network’s founder Mark Zuckerberg recently broke his silence, apologising in a Facebook post, admitting mistakes and claiming that changes were already being made to prevent similar incidents.


Reacting to the news, MIA tweeted earlier this week: “It’s nice when you end up the smart one at the end of the day. Not some paranoid crazy person.”

She later added: “What is a community in this climate? How did u connect to them? How easy is it to manipulate them. Is it a community of people in it for themselves? #DeleteFacebook is happening now. Today’s thoughts.”

MIA also took aim at Instagram in a separate post. Writing on Instagram, MIA said that the platform is “like FAKEBOOK’ and claimed that it had capped her follower count at 869k.

“Through how they hold certain people down it’s easy to see who they uphold! Through who they uphold it’s easy to see how lost they want you!!!”, she wrote, adding: “They want to let you know that my social media presence is weak but they manufactured the concept of what is weak what is strong.”


NME has approached Instagram for a response.


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