MIA to delete Twitter account after saying Trump administration have ‘mental disorders’

Star discusses mental illness in series of tweets

MIA has indicated that she will delete her Twitter account after a series of tweets that saw her discuss mental illness, her dyslexia, the Trump administration and the social network’s banning policies.

The London-based artist initially tweeted that it was a “miracle” that she ever made music because “you have to be mentally strong to do this”.

She went on to stress the importance of mental and emotional health, before adding: “Mental disorder is serious. Psychopathic behaviour traits should be analysed in schools / collages etc I don’t believe there’s no cure”.

MIA then stated that Trump’s administration “shows signs” of mental disorders, describing them as “pathological liars” and arguing that “all politicians should go though vetting for psychopathic behaviour traits”.

“Twitter doesn’t delete the accounts of people with mental disorder for free speech sake,” she wrote in one tweet. “It has to be ‘hate speech’ i.e a racial slur.”

“I’m deleting my twitter account in 24hrs  Screen shoot what u can or it didn’t happen,” she then said. See her tweets below.

MIA has not yet deleted her account, correct at the time of publishing.

MIA recently used Twitter to reach out to Radiohead in hope of them playing her Meltdown Festival.