MIA urges fans to vote for ‘once in a lifetime’ politician Jeremy Corbyn

MIA says the Labour Leader is actually 'real'.

MIA is the latest star from the music world to urge fans to vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the general election today.

The plain-speaking singer-rapper, who has just dropped new track ‘Goals’, endorsed the Labour Leader in a video shared on her social channels.

“I don’t usually believe politicians, but I think Corbyn is actually, like, real,” she says in the video. “So this is a once in a lifetime opportunity – please go vote. You don’t have to trust a politician or vote ever again, but just do it now.”


Watch the clip below.

MIA has also endorsed Corbyn on Twitter today.


Music stars ranging from Adele to Foals and Bastille have encouraged fans to vote in the general election. The 1975’s Matt Healy has said he’ll “send nudes” if people vote Labour.

Following a successful campaign, Corbyn’s Labour Party is narrowly trailing the Conservatives in the latest polls. He is especially popular with younger voters, but in the last general election, just 47% of under-25s who registered actually turned out to vote.


The Labour leader has recently responded to the suggestion that his party is “the new punk“.

NME’s ‘plus one’ campaign wants you to take a mate to the polls with you. See more in the video below.

Who's your plus one?

You can make a difference #myplusone

Posted by NME on Monday, June 5, 2017

NME has been conducting its own nationally representative, pre-election research, with figures obtained by The Stream, surveying 1000+ respondents weekly, all aged between 18-34.

A look at the latest figures in full:

Labour – 46% (+5)
Conservatives – 17% (+1)
Liberal Democrats – 7% (+1)
UKIP 4% (-2)
SNP 4% (+1)
Green Party 4% (+2)
Don’t know 10% (-3)
Won’t vote 7% (-3)