NME.COM cannot take this news in - the ultimate soul provider is officially a tune thief!...

MICHAEL BOLTON has lost his appeal in the US to overturn a $5.4 million verdict that his song ‘LOVE IS A WONDERFUL THING’ was copied from THE ISLEY BROTHERS.

According to Reuters, Bolton appeared at the high court in Washington yesterday (January 22) to challenge a 1994 verdict that his 1991 song lifted part of the 1966 Isley Brothers number, also called ‘Love Is A Wonderful Thing’.

Although Bolton claimed to have never heard the song, the challenge by him, the song’s co-writer Andrew Goldmark and his record company Sony Music was rejected and the $5.4 million award reaffirmed. The Isley Brothers will now receive 66% of past and future royalties from the single.

The Isley Brothers were a popular soul and R&B group from the ’60s and ’70s, who had hits with songs including ‘This Old Heart Of Mine’ and ‘Summer Breeze’.