Michael Cera: ‘It surprises me that people are listening to my album’

The actor released debut LP 'True That' online earlier this week

Michael Cera has spoken about his debut LP ‘True That’, which was given a low-key online release via Bandcamp earlier this week.

Stating the relaxed atmosphere surrounding the release, Cera explained that he was surprised people were listening to it. “It’s surprising to me that people are aware of it now, and are listening to it,” he said. “I guess I’ll just see what that’s like [to adjust to]. I’m always trying to play music with friends. So I don’t know that I’d add anything to this or just leave that alone.”

In the interview, which was conducted with Stereogum, Cera also talked about how the album came about and his lack of future musical plans.

Discussing the simple, unpolished nature of many of the tracks, Cera stated that this direction was largely down to his “limited knowledge” of playing music. “I guess [it started with] just sitting down at a piano and kind of seeing what I can do — which is, you know, very limited,” he began. “I don’t know much about music or any kinds of musical concepts. So I really just do the kinds of things my hands are capable of. I don’t have much dexterity, I can’t do anything fancy. I would love to be able to play like Oscar Peterson or something.”

Continuing to speak about the lack of pressure surrounding the LP, which takes the form of a collection of lo-fi, folk-tinged songs, Cera said, “It’s funny talking about it, because I have so little to say about it, in a weird way. It kind of speaks for itself. It’s just stuff I made over time, using GarageBand, just to be recording something, for the fun of it. Which is nice, because when you’re not trying to make a career out of something, there are no stakes in it for you, which is an enviable way to approach something.”

Cera has been involved in a number of musical projects in the past. He contributed backing vocals and mandolin to Weezer track ‘Hang On’ from 2010 LP ‘Hurley’, has been a touring bass player in indie ‘supergroup’ Mister Heavenly (featuring members of Modest Mouse, The Unicorns and Islands) and also sang on tracks taken from Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.

The album can be streamed in full here and is also available to purchase for £4.19 or more, at the buyer’s discretion.