Michael Cera shares and discusses new Sharon Van Etten collaboration ‘Best I Can’

Song was penned for new documentary film 'Dina'

Michael Cera has teamed up with Sharon Van Etten for a new track called ‘Best I Can’. Check it out along with our exclusive interview with Cera below.

The song was written for new documentary film Dina, which actor and sometime musician Cera provided the music for. Scroll below to hear ‘Best I Can’. It’s also available now via iTunes and Spotify.

Describing how the collaboration with Van Etten came about, Cera told NME: “Sharon and I share a music rehearsal space together in New York where we keep all our stuff. It’s the kinda place where you can go and play music all night with no noise concerns.”


“I met Sharon one night and we got talking,” Cera explained. “She mentioned that she had a place and was looking for a person to split the rent. It was just so perfect, exactly what I had been looking for… When I have friends in town, we end up going there and fooling around. It’s great to have a place where you can play drums really loudly at 4am and not care at all.”

Cera revealed how ‘Only You’ by Yazoo (known simply as Yaz in the US) inspired the track: “There was this one part in the movie where they had ‘Only You’ by Yaz [soundtracking it]. They didn’t know if they were going to be able to clear [the song rights] so I said, ‘Why don’t you let me try and write an original pop song that people might not know whether it’s an original song for the movie or just a song they’d never heard before?’.”

“I basically tried to go after that sound [of ‘Only You’],” Cera said. “That song was my compass and then it kind of found its own way. They ended up clearing the rights, but I like that this song was born because of that.”

Saying that he “really liked the challenge” of scoring a film, Cera stressed that it’s not a vocation he wishes to pursue much further because, “I’m kind of limited when it comes to what musical work I can contribute to a movie. I couldn’t do a proper score”.


Cera released his debut album ‘True That’ via Bandcamp in 2014. On whether he will release any more music in the near future, Cera said: “I’m always working on music but it’s always a hobby of mine and more of an outlet. I don’t really have any desire or ambition to have a career in music, which means there’s no pressure behind it. But hopefully it will yield [another] collection of something that I feel is good enough to share.”

Cera also named Ray Davies and The Kinks as particular musical heroes of his.

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