Michael Eavis: ‘It was millions of Glastonbury people that voted for Jeremy Corbyn’

The Glasto boss speaks up for the Labour leader ahead of his appearance on Saturday

Glastonbury bosses Michael and Emily Eavis has spoken out in praise of Jeremy Corbyn ahead of the Labour leader’s appearance at the festival this weekend.

Following a surge in popularity and making huge gains in the 2017 general election last week, Corbyn will be speaking on the Pyramid Stage before Run The Jewels perform at 4.15pm on Saturday – as well as speaking on the LeftField stage that day.

“We were so thrilled with the result that he had in the election,” Michael told the Glastonbury Free Press. “Millions of young people – Glastonbury people – voted for him. I think he has a fundamental sense of justice, of real political change, of being anti-war and anti-nuclear. That’s what we’ve spent our lives campaigning for, too. Since Emily was two, we’ve been going to London to march for all those things that Jeremy represents.”

Emily Eavis then added that “there are a lot of similarities between [Michael] and Jeremy” – saying “you’re both men of the people, who’ve been sticking to the same messages for a long time.”

Michael then replied: “And so you remember he sent me that marvellous video greeting for my 80th?”

Glastonbury-goers should also expect to hear this ‘oh, Jeremy Corbyn’ chant throughout the weekend.

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn

After pulling out last year due to the Brexit result being announced on the eve of the festival, Corbyn is likely to go down well at Glastonbury, as the massive increase in youth voters was largely towards Labour.

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