Michael Eavis responds to speculation that Fleetwood Mac could headline Glastonbury 2020

"They'll have to bring their price down."

Glastonbury boss Michael Eavis has responded to speculation that Fleetwood Mac could headline the festival’s 50th anniversary celebrations next year.

Despite never playing on Worthy Farm, the rock giants have been frequently linked with a performance at Glastonbury.

They did little to quell the speculation last week when Mick Fleetwood told a sell-out Wembley Stadium crowd that the band still “had a big field to play”.


It was also claimed that Fleetwood made reference to “a rained out festival in England next year”.

However, festival founder Eavis says that no such booking has taken place and their price is out of Glastonbury’s budget. Glastonbury is traditionally known for paying lower fees to their acts, in return for the prestige of playing the event.

Fleetwood Mac
Could Fleetwood Mac play Glastonbury?

Speaking to a crowd assembled at Glastonbury’s Acoustic Stage this afternoon (June 28), Eavis said:

“I can’t afford them at the moment! They’ll have to bring their price down because we can’t afford it. But they said the other day that they really want to do it and if they don’t do it before they die they’ll go to hell.”

Eavis’ comments refer to a recent interview with The Independent, in which Fleetwood Mac reaffirmed their desire to play Glastonbury.


Other big names linked with Glastonbury 2020 include Paul McCartney, after Eavis hinted that The Beatles icon could head to Worthy Farm.

Last night, Eavis kicked off Glastonbury 2019 with a bizarrely brilliant karaoke set on the Avalon Stage.

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