TJ Jackson given joint custody of Michael Jackson’s children

Singer's nephew will share responsibilities with Katherine Jackson after Diana Ross letter to judge

TJ Jackson has been given joint custody of Michael Jackson‘s children.

According to Billboard, the singer’s nephew has been appointed to share responsibility of his three children alongside his mother Katherine Jackson. He was previously temporarily awarded custody of them after she was reported missing and later found staying at an Arizona spa with other relatives.

The two guardians have now decided to share the responsibility of Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson, aged between 10 and 15.

The judge made the ruling after considering a letter submitted by singer Diana Ross, who is named in Michael Jackson’s will as a potential guardian to his children. He said he believed Katherine Jackson is doing a good job raising the children, but this will give her more time to focus on parenting, rather than administrative duties.

However, two cousins of the later singer, Debra Jackson and her son Anthony urged the judge to delay his ruling, saying they were concerned that Katherine Jackson was being coerced. Katherine Jackson’s attorney, Sandra Ribera, said that was not the case. “Mrs. Jackson is well informed,” she said. “Mrs. Jackson is a strong woman who cannot be influenced by anyone when it comes to decisions about these children.”