Michael Jackson doctor asks for lab test on evidence

Dr Conrad Murray has asked for testing on the bottle on anaesthetic found in the singer's bedroom

Michael Jackson‘s doctor has asked an appeal court to order lab testing on a piece of evidence that his defence say could cast doubt on his guilt.

Dr Conrad Murray’s lawyers have asked the court to authorise forensic analysis on a bottle of surgical anesthetic taken from the singer’s bedroom, the LA Times reports.

Prosecutors say that the bottle, which held the sedative propofol mixed with numbing agent lidocaine, contained the dose that killed Jackson after Murray administered it to the singer in June 2009 using an intravenous drip. Murray’s defence claim the doctor only gave Jackson a small amount of the drug, and that Jackson injected himself with a syringe of propofol while Murray was in another room.

Murray’s lawyers claim that testing the remaining liquid in the bottle would determine how much lidocaine was in the mixture, which could determine whether Murray’s claims are true.

It is the third time Murray’s lawyers have asked the court to test the bottle. A judge previously requested a test in November 2011 after the doctor was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

Murray was given a four-year sentence and was suspended from practicing medicine. State officials are moving to revoke his license permanently.