Conrad Murray requests release from jail pending appeal

Doctor says he'll wear an electronic tag and look for a job

Conrad Murray has asked to be released from jail after launching an appeal against his conviction for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson.

TMZ reports that the late singer’s former doctor is appealing against his conviction because he believes his trial was unfair, and has also requested that he is released from prison pending the appeal on no bail.

Murray, who was sentenced to four years in jail in November last year, claimed in legal documents that he had grounds to appeal due to the “improper exclusion of defence evidence and witnesses that resulted in violating the defendant’s State and constitutional rights to due process, to present a defence and to the effective assistance of counsel”.

He claims that if released, he would live with the mother of his child, Nicole Alvarez, and would seek employment. He also is said to be willing to wear an electronic bracelet so his movements can be monitored.

His lawyer, meanwhile, said that Murray had been forced to exist under “maximum security” conditions in jail and had “exhausted virtually all of his available resources”. Previously, Murray had asked for a publicly funded lawyer to handle his appeal after admitting he was too poor to pay for one himself.

Following his conviction, Murray was ordered to pay Jackson’s three children an amount somewhere in the region of $100 million (£64 million), for their father’s funeral arrangements and loss of earnings for the ‘This Is It’ concerts, which were due to take place the summer after his death in June 2009.