Michael Jackson helped write the soundtrack to Sonic 3, reports say

The case for a long-time conspiracy theory is getting stronger

A long time rumour in gaming circles – that Michael Jackson had a role in writing the music for video game Sonic 3 – appears likely to be true, according to new reports.

An article published on Huffington Post on Monday (January 25) states that three of the music producers on the game have confirmed Jackson’s involvement, saying:

“Six men—Brad Buxer, Bobby Brooks, Doug Grigsby III, Darryl Ross, Geoff Grace and Cirocco Jones—are listed as songwriters in Sonic 3’s endgame scroll. Buxer, Grigsby and Jones tell The Huffington Post that Jackson worked with them on a soundtrack for Sonic 3—and that the music they created with Jackson ended up in the final product.”

While the story is largely narrative, the above does seem to present strong evidence Jackson’s long rumoured involvement may have actually taken place, with his name later being removed from the credits for reasons that can only be speculated upon.

As Vice point out, The Test Kitchen have previously run Jackson’s music next to the Sonic end credits to show the similarity, as can be seen in the below video:

The Michael Jackson Video Game Conspiracy from Test Kitchen on Vimeo.

Sonic 3 was released in early 1994, which suggests any recording involving Jackson would likely have taken place between 1991 album ‘Dangerous’ and its follow up ‘HIStory’, which wasn’t released until 1995.

Last month, Jackson’s ‘Thiller’ passed 30 million copies sold, while earlier this month a re-release of 1979’s ‘Off The Wall’ was confirmed.

The album will be available in CD/DVD and CD/Blu Ray formats on February 26 via Sony Legacy Recordings and will come with Spike Lee’s film ‘Michael Jackson’s Journey From Motown To Off The Wall’.

Lee’s film chronicles Jackson’s rise from child stardom using personal archive footage alongside interviews with family members and contemporary performers.