Michael Jackson death photos to be shown at Dr Conrad Murray’s trial

Judge rules that 'tragic' autopsy images can be used by prosecutors

Photos of Michael Jackson‘s autopsy are to be shown at the upcoming trial of Dr Conrad Murray.

At a pre-trial hearing, Judge Michael Pastor gave prosecutors the green light to show the “tragic” images to the jury, reports BBC News.

Prosecutors claim the pictures – which show the singer laid out on an operating table wearing a hospital gown – prove the late King of Pop was healthy before he passed away in June 2009.

Defence lawyers working for Dr Murray, who has pleaded guilty to the involuntary manslaughter charge, had objected to the use of the pictures, claiming they would enflame the passions of the jurors.

Speaking about the photos, Deputy District Attorney David Walgren said: “Although they are tragic, they are not gruesome or gory.”

Judge Pastor has already refused to grant access to Jackson’s financial records at a pre-trial hearing.

Dr Murray‘s defence lawyers were planning to use the documents to prove that the singer’s anguish over his finances led him to taking “desperate measures” that led to his death.