Michael Jackson naked death photo shown at Dr Conrad Murray’s trial

Prosecutors winding up case against late King Of Pop's doctor

A photograph of Michael Jackson‘s deceased, naked body was shown at the trial of the man accused of causing his death, Dr Conrad Murray, yesterday (October 11).

The image, which shows the late King Of Pop lay on a gurney in a hospital shortly after he was pronounced dead in June 2009, was shown to the jury as prosecutors wound up their case against the singer’s physician.

According to MTV.com, the court was also played a taped conversation between Dr Murray and police, which saw the cardiologist claim he had no idea which medications Jackson was receiving from other physicians.

Earlier this week, another taped conversation with Murray saw him accuse another doctor of causing Jackson’s death.

Murray, who will not testify at the trial, also said he was trying to wean the singer off propofol and blamed the singer’s use of Demorol for his inability to sleep, an inability that led to him demanding to be given more sedatives on the night of his death.

On the night he died, Jackson had taken doses of valium, lorazepam and midazolam and was still unable to sleep, telling Murray he desperately needed propofol, which he called his “milk”. Murray said he eventually gave him a dose and after he briefly left the room, he came back to find the singer unconscious. He was unable to resucitate Jackson.

Asked why he hadn’t called the emergency services sooner than he did, Murray explained he expected answering the emergency operator’s questions would have taken too much time away from the resuscitation efforts.

The trial continues.