Michael Jackson was convinced he would be assassinated onstage, says former bodyguard

Matt Fiddes said the singer would have taken to the stage at the O2 in a bulletproof vest

Michael Jackson was so convinced that there would be an assassination attempt on him during his live comeback shows that he was seriously considering wearing a bulletproof vest onstage, a former bodyguard has revealed.

Matt Fiddes, who was the singer’s bodyguard at the time of his death in 2009, said that the singer had worn a bulletproof vest throughout his trial for child molestation in 2005 and was absolutely sure there would be attempt on his life during the planned shows at the O2 Arena.

Fiddes told The People: “Michael said to me, ‘I fear I’m not going to make these concerts, or may get assassinated onstage. Please could you make sure my children are OK.'”


He continued: “He was a mess. He told me that during his four-month trial, he had to wear a bulletproof vest every day. Michael said he would have to wear one through the concerts and wasn’t sure how he’d get through them because of his worries.”

Jackson was also convinced that he would get shot at during the press conference he gave to launch the shows, with Fiddes revealing that the singer drank half a bottle of whisky to steady his nerves.

Fiddes added:

Michael got it into his head that someone would shoot him so he drank whiskey, virtually a half-bottle, to steady himself. It was his first public appearance for ages and he believed he was going to get murdered because of all the bad press from his past.

Michael Jackson‘s doctor Conrad Murray is currently being tried for involuntary manslaughter. He faces four years in prison if convicted.